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Engine Management Harnesses

TechRods provides an array of engine management harnesses for GM engine for stand alone application for transplanting newer engines into older vehicles. We use the factory color coding for easy diagnostics. All of our harnesses include a diagnostic connection, a fuel pump relay and a four position fuse block. Our harnesses also include two wires tailed out for a check engine light, a fuel pump power tail and an ignition power tail. All of our harnesses feature soldered terminal ends and convoluted covering. Our harnesses are rapped with convoluted split loom and lies on the engine neatly for a clean look.

Other Harnesses
TechRods provides other harnesses like injector sub harnesses, ignition sub harnesses and stand alone fan wiring.

Connector Pigtails
TechRods provides connector repair pigtails for the untimely breaking of a connector tab occurs. Our connector repair pigtails have white wire as a standardbut we have color coding available.

Connectors and Components
TechRods Provides connectors, terminals, seals and other wiring fabrication components.

TechRods Store
TechRods provides and array of helpful items that can make your engine swap easier like sensor and VSS calibrators

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