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2003-06 Vortec 8.1L Stand Alone Engine Management Wiring Harness

2003-06 Vortec 8.1L Engine Management Harness - $545.00

Standard Options:
5' ECM / PCM trunk from right rear of engine
Configured for C / K-Body accessory brackets

No Charge Options:
Wiring for A/C Recognition Circuit
Shorter ECM / PCM Trunk
ECM / PCM main branch from left rear of harness

Wiring Options at Additional Pricing:
$10.00 - Wiring for A/C Connector
$20.00 - Each additional foot of ECM / PCM Trunk

Transmission wiring options at additional pricing:
$30.00 - Wiring for TCC Kit for 700R4 Transmission
$40.00 - Wiring for 4L80E Transmission (VSS & ISS are required with this option)

Fan wiring options at additional pricing:

$30.00 - Wiring for single fan (non A/C)
$50.00 - Wiring for single fan (for use with A/C)
$50.00 - Wiring for dual fan (non A/C)
$70.00 - Wiring for dual fan (for use with A/C)
Please contact us for other custom options availible.

Other items that may be needed:
ECM / PCM Programming Will be Required
$45.00 - Ignition Sub Harness
$75.00 - Fuel Injector Sub Harness
$**.** - Heated Oxygen Sensor

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